We handle your orders within a maximum of two working days provided there are the reserves available. After the collection of the products and the delivery of the order to the transport company, we send you the relevant documents together with the tracking code of the shipment.

You can request Grifon to send you a printed or electronic catalog with our products. After noting the products you are interested in and the quantity you desire, send your order to our company's email info@grifon.gr.

Attention! This way, you do not benefit from the discounts of the online store.

For wholesale customers within Crete, we are pleased to work with them to create the order they desire from any of our company's stores located near them.

There is an option to hold your order for up to 15 days. After the 15-day period and upon informing the customer, the order will be canceled. Only customers who deposit 30% of the order's value have the possibility to keep their order in our warehouses.

Με πελάτες χονδρικής στην Κρήτη, είμαστε στην ευχάριστη θέση να κάνουμε μαζί την παραγγελία και από το κατάστημα της Grifon που βρίσκεται κοντά σας.

Υπάρχει η δυνατότητα να κρατηθεί μια παραγγελία χωρίς αποστολή έως και 15 ημέρες. Αφού περάσουν 15 ημέρες κατόπιν ενημέρωσης του πελάτη η παραγγελία ακυρώνεται. Οι πελάτες που προκαταβάλλουν 30% της αξίας της παραγγελίας έχουν τη δυνατότητα να την κρατήσουν στην αποθήκη μας για όσο χρόνο επιθυμούν.

Order in multiple ways

Your order will be ready within two working days at most, provided it is in stock.

Shipping Methods / Shipping Costs / Free Delivery

Shipping Methods

All products are packaged by trained personnel who faithfully follow specific instructions.

Shipping Methods

For the safe transport of goods, all products are packaged by trained staff who strictly follow specific instructions. Special shipments and items which require special handling, are packaged by us with more care.

From the central warehouse (in Heraklion, Crete), Sweden, just as other countries outside Greece, is considered international shipment destination.

We undertake the shipment of your goods as either a small package, euro-pallet, special pallet, or container through the companies we work with, or we undertake to find you the best possible solution for each respective case. Of course, we can send them to you with your own shipping partner. For small shipments, it should be noted that at the time of writing, the lowest shipping cost is the euro-pallet which has dimensions of 80x120x180cm, and a maximum light weight of up to 700 kg.

We take special care of our wholesale customers. Due to the uniqueness of wholesale customers, after registration and acceptance by our platform, if you wish, can be sent to you the corresponding shipping costs, according to the shipping address entered on our platform, so you can compare and choose the way that suits you.

For smaller shipments, or even for larger ones, you can opt for a courier company such as (TNT, DHL, FEEDEX etc.)

Customers within Crete:

You can pick up your order through the pre-arranged itineraries


Free shipping of products applies exclusively with our company’s scheduled itineraries.


Hersonissos - Malia


Rethymno - Chania


Ierapetra - Sitia

You can also pick up your order from your nearest branch store which you can find here.

In case none of the methods above suit you, we can deliver parcels daily to Coach Terminals with a charge of 5 Euro: - per parcel, including the bus fare. In addition, you have the option of choosing one of the companies that you can find on our online store.

Customers in the rest of Greece:

You can pick up your order by courier

(‘Geniki Taxydromiki), the cost of delivery is calculated based on volume and weight per box.

Through the transport company we work with which undertakes the delivery of your parcels to the transport company of your choice within Athens or Piraeus at no extra charge, provided your order exceeds 300 €, under 300 € the cost of transport per parcel is 3 €

All customers can of course choose for small or larger shipments one of the companies that are available in our online store e.g. (TNT, DHL, FEEDEX etc.)