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The present document refers to owners of retail stores throughout Greece.

+ With the approval of the store and after the completion of the agreement, each party will have to pay or deliver on time what was agreed on all the requested money or materials. Only by this way you can validate an agreement.

+ The construction or renovation of the store will be done with our staff and materials.

+ It will operate under the owner's name and Grifon's standard design.

+ The selection of products will be done jointly.

+ We provide the opportunity to our Franchise partners to pay 50% of the total cost of constructions and goods in cash and the remaining 50% by checks depending on the agreement that has been established with the current owner.

+ The initial choice of products will be co-decided with the owner of the store. It will be relevant to the location of the store, the needs of the time and the Grifon standard.

+ Repeated orders will be given by the owner in whatever way serves him and will be given priority in execution and delivery.


The current article refers to store owners throughout Greece.

+ Once the above are agreed and a joint private agreement is drawn up, both parties have the obligation to explicitly comply with these terms towards a profitable joint cooperation.

+ The goods will be accompanied by a dispatch Note-consignment throughout the tourist season and will be invoiced after regular clearances.

+ After the end of the tourist season and after the completion of the invoicing, the inventory and any return that may occur, as long as costs and other expenses are deducted, from the amount 50% is given to the company and 50% to the cooperative store.

+ Invoices of sold goods must be paid in cash before the shipment of the new goods.

+ After the end of the tourist season and after the completion of the invoicing, the inventory and any return that may arise from the store, a clearance is made and the commercial profit of the consignment is invoiced, which rises to 20% of the sold products.

+ The products that will be placed in a cooperative store, will be exclusively the choice of our company.

+ The store owner must check the stocks which the store preserves in order to place a repeated order on time.

+ The ownership of the goods belongs to the company until they are paid or until they return to the company

+ The goods are accompanied by a dispatch Note-consignment, throughout the duration of the tourist period, the sold products will be invoiced after regular

+ The owner of a cooperative store must bear the full costs of the employees (salary-insurance) who will be occupied in the store.

+ As well as he/she should with his/her physical presence to supervise-control the store during the hours that is in operation.

+ The owner must inform the trading program of the company the same day for any money transaction.

+ The owner must always invoice or issue receipts even when the electronic system is not available, so we recommend that you always have handwritten receipts so that you do not have to suspend the operation of the store.

+ In cases where the store uses handwritten receipts or a simple cash register then it is the responsibility of the person in charge to keep a list of goods transactions.


This applies to all sellers.

+ Our success from 1984 until today is based on proper cooperation with both its customers and its sellers. To achieve our common goals and targets, the guidelines and terms of cooperation given by our company will help you accomplish with us, your dreams, towards success!

+ The seller is paid 10% of the net amount of each order he receives.

+ For each new customer who will be presented to the company he will receive 5% of his orders even if they are made directly from our store.

+ Our company does not cover the travel and accommodation expenses of the sellers.

+ The seller will receive his percentage in the first ten days of the following month, if the company has collected the amount owed by his customers.

+ As long as the seller wishes to take part in the exhibitions in which our company takes part, he will be paid for all the orders he will receive at a rate of 10%.

+ In special cases that the seller chooses to deviate from the guidelines (additional discounts, exemptions from lending costs, payment facilitations) will be carried outat his own risk and will be borne by him.

+ The Seller should

Know the terms of cooperation that apply to each season and inform his customers before each transaction.

He/She has to think ahead in order to be informed directly from our website of any change that may occur in prices, new items, etc.

Before submitting the order, he has received to the company, he must indicate on the payment method, the complete details of the customer, the transport company with which he wishes to receive his order and the payment method as well as the agreed delivery date.

In case the seller has made a special agreement with his customer for the payment method, he/she takes over the responsibility of receiving it and he/she will be bound to the amount of the total value from his commissions, until the total payment of the customer

+ Orders

The orders that the seller will receive and deliver to the company should be complete so that there are no further delays for clarification.

Distances between stores

The main principle of the company is to protect our customers and try to keep our distances, at least in the items that we have exclusivity and can control.

+ Discounts for customers are valid and do not affect or get affected by the seller's percentage.

+ If there are credit notes, they will be deducted according to their percentage.

+ For more information about Returns, you can find it in the Returns Policy.



The present article is referred to craftsmen and importers from all over Greece.

+ You have the opportunity to take part in the tourism exhibitions where we participate by giving you a part of the stand, the charge depends on the square meters that will be given to you.

+ The orders will be sent to the supplier electronically to avoid mistakes, they will also be configured according the season and the volume of the orders at that given time.

+ The supplier is obliged to inform the company about the delivery date, as well as he/she should immediately inform about any additional delay, for products that have been sold out or canceled.

+ Our goal is to maintain the same prices as our suppliers because we work to promote products and not as competitors.

+ This can work with a discount rate profitable for both the supplier and us.

+ Together we can set goals and selected discounts.

+ The respective supplier has the obligation to replace defective products if possible or to repair them after the end of the tourist season. Distances between stores should be maintained. We respect both our customers and our suppliers so we keep our distances as long as we are informed about the points of sale.

+ The method of payment depends on the movement of the goods and differs depending on the agreement with the current supplier.

+ The suppliers inside and outside Attica have the obligation to deliver the goods to the agency cooperating with us (Sifaki Bros.).

+ The goods travel under the responsibility of the company Grifon

+ The cost of transport burdens Grifon