Create own

You can design your own statue, a little magnet or any kind of product with your own exclusivity. Check the special orders.

Free transport all around Crete

We execute free transport of our products with our own vehicles in scheduled transports in the whole Island, even for a minimum order.

For all our customers outside of Crete

For orders above 300 € we offer free shipment with our own affiliated transport company till Athens, for the rest of the Greek regions we deliver our products to the transport company of your choice. Check terms and conditions.

International shipments

In collaboration with international transport companies, we handle every shipment, to any part of the world to your door with the best possible price.

Premium network

Become a member of the Grifon store network and enjoy the unique privileges it offers.

Special orders

Create your own creations

Don't miss the opportunity.

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Create your own creations with your own style.

Furnish your store with originality and equip it with your own unique products, put your personality into your store and give your business a new flair. Become the designer of your own products and sell what you specifically want to your customers.

Special orders are your personal creations that can adorn your store in a unique way.

Visit us in person

We joyfully invite you to our welcoming space to get to know each other better. You will also have the opportunity to explore many unique collections that are not available in our online store.

Be a member in the Premium network of Grifon - Premium store of retail sale

Starting from scratch

With our experience we can design and construct your store or reconstruct an already existing one, with the proper equipment of the products, that you will choοse, with our help.


Priority in orders, quick delivery with scheduled transports.

Computerization & Security

Delivery of Barcode computerization, with the current stock, surveillance cameras for the safety of your store, with direct operation for an easy and functional store.

From the first day

From the first day of operation, you can equip your store selecting through a range of 30.000 products.

Additional Staff

Take advantage of existing resumes you can find on the network, as well as personal insurance that you can have in case of an emergency.


You will find us by your side for any need, from a simple tip, help for some damage, even to staff replacement.

New products
Decorative Ceramics
Backgammon, Chess
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