Join the Premium Grifon network.

What is the Premium Grifon network?

Premium Grifon is the network owned by Grifon stores. The cooperation between them stands out, favored by the additional discounts and repayment methods.

Ways of cooperation.

One is the "FRANCHISE" store were the partner immediately gets the brand name, style and genre of Grifon. It is connected in real time to the online computerization system which is connected to the main store and to the Grifon branches. Benefit from the lowest market prices and the repayment method while the income from the receipts will be returned to its own cash desk.

The second way is the "COOPERATIVE STORE" where we undertake to configure your store so that it is competitive while continuing to operate in the brand name of the owner. Take advantage of the facilities we offer such as computerization system, branch prices. The repayment method is different while the income from the receipts will be returned in half after the clearance..


So, with our experience we can take over your store from scratch. Our crew as well as our people can help you turn your store into a fully functional and fully competitive store.


The benefits for the Premium network.

Renovation of the store.

Grifon company undertakes the construction or reconstruction of your store with its own staff and with the companies that already cooperates with. So, take advantage of the best construction offers we already have available. The cost of configuration and renovation falls on the business owner if they are in the 'PREMIUM GRIFON' category.

Online commercial management.

Codes that we trade only with Grifon branches

Consignment Goods.

Cooperative stores maintain consignment stocks, paying only for the goods they sell.

Lower prices.

The Premium Grifon network enjoys lower prices since invoicing is done with net prices, even though they don't pay immediately in cash or purchase by item code.

Personnel and Security Staff

Benefit from hiring staff. All deposited resumes available in our network are at your disposal. We can also assist you with available personnel from our network in case of immediate need. This personnel is familiar with our network's goods and operational methods. The same staff can provide you training in merchandise display and handling of the computer system.

Stores that already exist today


National Resistance 85 i Rethymnon


El. 165 Venizelou & Navarinou


Malia demokrati 100

25 augoustou

25 augusti 38 Heraklion


1866 Street 54 Heraklion


Elounda coast Poseidon 16

Three blue ladies

Square - 16 Papa Alexandrou

Vivit figures

Online store


Check the comparison and the benefits

Implementation steps

First step - Store Approval

The person in charge will come to your place to talk and fabricate your goals.

Secondly - Agreement

After a private contract is arranged with the terms that serve both parties, it is co-signed and submitted to the competent Tax Office.

Third - Design

Experienced staff will design your space with the architect of the company in order to be formed in an affordable and ergonomic environment, always with the standard of Grifon retail stores.

Fourth - Renovation

Ready workshop will undertake to renovate your space from scratch.

Fifth - Equipment

We place shelves, gondolas, stands in the store in order to help in the proper promotion of the products.

Sixth - Computerization & monitoring system

Our crew or our partners will come to your place to organize and implement of the computerization.

Seventh - Product placement - setting up a store

Designed by experienced staff for the proper promotion of the store.

Eighth - Education

Our people will come to your place in order to train you on the accounting program, but also to solve any question that has been created.


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