• Backgammon, Chess
    The "Backgammon, Chess" category...
    The "Backgammon, Chess" category includes a rich variety of products, such as backgammon, chess, games, pawns, tokens, board games, for indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as decorative objects. These products are handmade or with a handmade finish, modern or inspired by ancient civilizations, such as Greek, Minoan, Roman, Egyptian, Scandinavian, and many others.Construction materials include wooden, ceramic, cold casting, plaster, marble, alabaster, and bronze products. They cater to those seeking unique pieces for their home, office, or as gifts.The history of these games dates back to antiquity, where they were used for entertainment, education, and social interaction. Today, these games continue to have a unique character, combining tradition and contemporary art, while also serving as a means of expression for artists and craftsmen who create them.
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  • Soft and other toys
    The "Toys, Stuffed Animals" category...
    The "Toys, Stuffed Animals" category includes a rich collection of plush toys for children and adults, perfect for home, travel, and gifts. Among the products, you will find little bunnies, hares, rabbits, soft and cuddly stuffed animals, velvety toys filled with animals, sitting donkeys, and many more.From teddy bears and owls to bunnies and kri-kri, we have a great variety of animals to choose from. Each of our plush animals has a unique personality and can become your favorite companion in your bed, your office, or even your car.Give your loved ones the gift of warmth and comforting companionship with a plush animal from our collection! The products in this category are made from high-quality materials to provide comfort and safety for both young and old users.The "Toys, Stuffed Animals" category is aimed at children aged 3 to 150 years, offering a wide variety of options for every taste and need. Whether youre looking for a cute gift for a child.
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