• Kitchen & glasses
    The "For Use" category includes a...
    The "For Use" category includes a rich range of products, such as decorative shot glasses, carafes, placemats, coasters, and many others, which can be used for home, office, or as gifts. The products in this category feature modern designs, many have a traditional style, while others have depictions of ancient civilizations, such as Greek, Minoan, Roman, Egyptian, and Scandinavian.These products are made by hand or using molds with a handcrafted finish, suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The materials used include wood, ceramics, cold casting, plaster, marble, alabaster, bronze, porcelain, glass, fabric, and polyester.The history of these products starts from ancient civilizations, where they were used for everyday purposes, decoration, and religious ceremonies. Today, these products continue to be an essential part of daily life, expressing the cultural heritage and aesthetics of various periods and civilizations.
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  • Soaps
    OLIVE OIL SOAPSOlive oil soap is...
    OLIVE OIL SOAPSOlive oil soap is a natural product made from olive oil and other plant-based ingredients. It is exceptionally gentle on the skin and provides rich hydration without drying out the epidermis.Olive oil soaps can be pure or scented with natural essential oils to offer additional fragrances and therapeutic properties. They have multiple benefits for the skin, such as enhancing its elasticity, cleanliness, and removing excess oiliness. Furthermore, olive oil soap is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.Olive oil soap is a natural product that does not contain chemicals or preservatives, making it a healthy and safe product for the skin. It is ideal for those who want to use natural products in their skincare routine and avoid chemical ingredients that may cause skin problems.
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