Be original by selling unique products in your store. Become the designers of your own products.

Custom orders are products of your inspiration that are made at Grifon.

In custom orders, there are many categories or groups of products, as well as specific items.

You are welcome to share your ideas about products you prefer.

You can make changes to existing products or create your own exclusive products from scratch.

We take on the task of searching for offers from local and international partners.

After the research, we send you an offer that includes: Price, Quantity, indicative photo or physical product.


Creating your own product is pretty easy. Send us a photo that resembles what you are looking for, tell us what changes using the photo as your reference, then our graphic designer and designer will work together to give you the desired result. The communications manager will then send you the result. Afterwards, you give the confirmation to proceed with the production of the order, or the changes you would like. Attempts to customize the product at no extra cost vary from case to case.

If the item you want to create has a minimum quantity larger than the one you are willing to buy, we can, by agreement, forward part of the quantity to certain places, provided of course, it’s not an advertising product.

Our company offers you a six-month storage period free of charge, in the central warehouse. If there is no availability or the volume is large, then we offer to find a space at an affordable price for you.

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Interest & Questions about special orders