The company Grifon from the beginning of its foundation in 1984, chose to cooperate, to be supported and to support primarily the Greek handicrafts. Always fans of handicrafts and despite all the difficulties that exist we have managed even today to keep these collaborations that have now become friendships based on mutual benefit and mutual respect.

Having developed a great network of customers we have the opportunity to promote your products throughout Greece and abroad. We distribute every year over two thousand printed catalogs, which are renewed before the start of the new tourist season.


After many years of presence in the tourism goods trade, Grifon has managed to develop a large list of satisfied customers across Greece and abroad.

Every year, our company participates in the largest tourism goods exhibition, METROPOLITAN EXPO, where it further expands its network of partners.

We promote wholesale and bulk sales through both the central store and the Grifon e-shop.

Grifon's retail stores and affiliated outlets promote the products to retail customers.

Details on the ways of promotion

In wholesale

In our showroom 4000 sq.m. we provide in full view almost all the goods that we have, with easy way of access for the customer so that he can be served as he prefers as if he were in a simple supermarket.  It is located in Heraklion, Crete and so the distance between the other regions is divided almost equally. For those who cannot visit us there is our online store. With our planned itineraries, we supply the whole of Crete for free as well as complete agreements with other transport companies that undertake the shipment to Greece and abroad.

Wholesale online store.

In our online store you will find the existing stock, detailed photos, international shipments, customer service, current offers, pricing agreements.

Grifon Stores

Earn a complete projection via our Grifon branches, Franchise stores & our affiliate stores.


Our sellers can promote your products throughout Greece, even in non-cooperating stores.


Your products can go even further. With unique Barcode codes we can promote them abroad, in the airports, in multinational enterprises and everywhere else we can aim together.


We will be glad to accept the cooperation proposal.