Our principle at GRIFON is primarily to satisfy even our most demanding customers. Having an exhibition space of 4,000 sq.m. with over 30,000 items we provide the customer the possibility to choose what he needs from a huge range, at the most competitive prices in the market.


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We will be happy to meet you up close and with our experience to suggest solutions, so that your store rises to the highest possible level.


Save time and money by placing your orders via our online store, follow our newsletters and you will be informed about new items and offers. The online store even saves the pricing agreements you have made with us. Easily select the products of your choice through the rotating photos.


Design your own product with your own exclusivity and we will take over with our associates in order to create it. Link here


The present refers to owners of retail stores throughout Greece, covers the needs of the website and the physical space of the company.

In prepayment or cash payment there is a 10% discount in Grifon Group items and 5% in other items.

When paying cash on delivery, you are entitled to the same discount with the difference that the amount of the discount will be credited to your account for your next purchases.

Box discount. Take advantage of a 5% discount if your purchase refers to a box unit and the product belongs to the GRIFON group.r

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Also, customers who want to invest for the next tourist season, by the closing of the tourist season, that means until December 30 of each year, they can prepay in cash the amount of money they want with a profit of 15%. For example, in the 5000 euros that they will prepay, they are registered in the commercial application like 5000 euros in cash and 750 euros in a gift voucher that you can use in all the product groups of our company.

Also, by prepaying an expiration check until 30/6 you have a 10% discount and with an expiration check up to 30/10 there is a 5% discount. The money and the gift voucher of the discount can be used to all the product groups of our company.

In case the customer does not redeem the amount or his gift voucher, then the amount will be refunded in cash at the end of the year.

For more information you can contact us.

Get to know and benefit from Grifon's premium network.

Converting your store to Grifon can give you several benefits that will give you a competitive edge in the market. You can benefit from the extra discounts that we provide and the facilitation of repayment methods. In addition, our people will be close to you to help you and solve any problem or question that arises throughout our cooperation.


The Grifon premium network does not need special discounts, because it takes advantage of the prices of the Grifon premium network, which are the best in all product groups.

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